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Lucknow City is the capital of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Lucknow is 123 Mts. above sea level, 26.30 & 27.10 North latitude and 80.30 & 81.13 East longitude Lucknow covers an area of 2528 Lucknow has uniformed type of climate. Lucknow high temperature varies from 45 degree Celsius max in summer season and low till 5 Celsius minimum in winter and Rainfall is 100 cm. per annum approximately. Lucknow has rich culture, architecture, music, dance handicrafts, etiquette, or sports. Lucknow City cultural extravaganza, known all over the world for its many splendors. A city that has a magical charm, a charm that's forever and a charm that's apart. The local culture of Lucknow City and style of speaking Urdu like tahjeeb rakhiye, pahale aap and aap janab makes it different from apart of world. This one of the few city in which Muslims live in complete harmony with Hindus and they have never faced any religious problems.

Lucknow city has one of the most dynamic Political affairs that keeps on generating the dynamic news and lays an impact on the political status of India. Lucknow is the Capital of Uttar Pradesh (U.P) is the most densely populated States in India, and even a small activity in Lucknow lays down the effect in the whole country of India.

Lucknow city was the capital of Awadh from 1775. The rapid growth of Lucknow was when the fourth Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula transferred the capital of Avadh from Faizabad to Lucknow and began constructing some splendid architectural marvels, A tradition that was sustained by this successors. During this period. Lucknow also established its pre-eminent place in the field of poetry, music and dance some of the best monuments in Lucknow are the Bara Imam bara and the Chota Imam bara etc. Lucknow is fastest growing city in India that is witnessing an economic boom. The Government departments and the public sector providing lots of Opportunities in area of employment. UP Government has a good plan for developed the infrastructures of economic. So many private companies like Reliance, Sahara and so on investing lot of money in Lucknow. In the sense Lucknow is also the economical capital of Uttar Pradesh.

How to Reach

Air : Lucknow is well connected with the other important towns and cities of the country by air. Lucknow has direct flight to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Patna and Sarjah. The Lucknow airport is 20 km from city and known by the name of Amausi. The airport have 7453 feet long runway. The Air India, Indian Airlines and Sahara airways has regular scheduled flights from Lucknow to other parts of country.

Rail : Almost all the major train routes touch this city. It has good rail network touching all the important rail junctions in the country. Railway ministry has given some special train to Lucknow. The famous Shatabdi and Rajadhani express passes from Lucknow to various part of the country. The city has two major railway station one is Lucknow railway junction and other is Charbagh station.

Road : Wide roads all around the Lucknow City increase the beauty of city. Lucknow city is directly connected to all part of the state. UP transport services and so many private transporter provides the A.C as well as non A.C. buses. Because Lucknow connected through road with so many historical places of Uttar Pradesh and you can find direct bus services also.

Delhi is 569 km far from Lucknow and direct bus services is available. Some important transport service from Lucknow to other cities is below:

  • ›› 01 : Lucknow to Agra
  • ›› 02 : Lucknow to Nainital
  • ›› 03 : Lucknow to Varanasi
  • ›› 04 : Lucknow to Dehradun
  • ›› 05 : Lucknow to Kanpur

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